Angus & Oink OCTANE Vortex

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Grilling Supercharger
Hotter, Faster, Better, Stronger

OCTANE is A&O’s grilling supercharger that delivers high power output and associated temperatures. Designed for a kettle style BBQ and positioned in the center of the grill, when filled with lit charcoal this 8 sided cone increases the temperature by accelerating the flow of air from a wide opening to a smaller one at the top of the cone. Additionally there are graded machined holes along the axis of the Octane that deliver increased flow of air and thus increased temperature performance. The higher temperatures are great for cooking chicken wings around the circumference of the cooker or for searing at high temperatures. Wings, crispy thighs or BBQ Fried chicken all benefit from the high temperature created by the OCTANE.

Constructed from 1.5mm 304 stainless steel, full body welded this is a durable tool for all year round BBQ!