Hot & Hostile Seasoning

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This rub is comin in Hot & Hostile with a banging kick in the gob and a smack round the face. Alpha Oscar 1 9’er we have a situation, load the heavy weapons for a wing drop on your location!!! Heat from green jalapeño & rich roasted habanero the chilli spice hits at different levels, carried on the wings of pure flavour and backed by powerful lime. Colour from beetroot, smoked paprika and spanish paprika with added depth from onion granules, garlic and oregano. This rub delivers on flavour with a kung fu kickin. Great as a wing dust, on chicken thighs or even as a nacho powder it has hardcore tasty tendencies that will make you want to eat through the pain. Fire in the hole!!!

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  • 200g


BBQ Rub Habanero & Lime

Ingredients (Allergens in CAPS & BOLD)

Sugar, Salt, Paprika, Celery Salt (CELERY), Black Pepper, Onion, Cumin, Mustard Powder (MUSTARD), Garlic, Oregano, Chilli, Herbs, Beetroot, Lime, Citric Acid, Shiitake, Silicon Dioxide (<2% Anti Caking Agent). E621, E631.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Douglas Thorogood
Very appropriate

My go to wing rub. Delicious.

Sam S
Hot & Tasty

Hubby & I like a little heat in our food. Ordered this despite a review saying it wasn’t that hot. Smoked beef ribs coated in this today & wow!!!! Firstly, if a madras is too hot for you then would suggest not using as a straight rub! But if you like some heat then this is for you - a warm heat that grows but also mellows in flavour after your mouthful of food making you crave the next bite! Absolutely superb! I can see this fast becoming my favourite rub as can see it working brilliantly with pork & chicken as well as being a cracker with beef!

Dorian Fourie
Brings the Sizzle

What a great seasoning. It immediately punches your tongue with the heat and lingers long afterwards. Perfect to use on all meats and mix in some mayo or cream cheese for a nice dip

Darren Williams

Nice kick to this amazing rub

Catherine Finch
Yummy spices

Hot and hostile is my absolute favourite but we are trying some of the others.
Looking forward to tasting some spicy 🍗 🐓