Meat Church ‘Holy Voodoo’ Seasoning

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Meat Church ‘Holy Voodoo’ Seasoning – 396g (14 Oz)

Meat Church are proud to announce their newest seasoning, Holy Voodoo, just in time to season those Thanksgiving turkeys. Matt has long been influenced by Cajun cooking and that is where this seasoning gets its roots. It’s more savoury than many of their existing sweet profile BBQ seasonings and also has some amazing back end heat provided by Matt’s signature jalapeño.

Holy Voodoo is great on poultry, ribs, vegetables and more. It is fantastic on both fried and smoked turkeys. Meat Church Ambassadors have already been winning ribs and chicken in competition with this seasoning as well. This savory rub has a Cajun influence and a Texas jalapeño kick!

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Thomas
Not to shabby

I like this rub I’ve used it on wings and thighs on the masterbuild 560 with some great results my only gripe is it could be a bit more spicy not a great deal of heat coming through after cooking! Other than that it tastes great!

It’s ok

I got this to try the holy voodoo jalapeño cheddar sausage recipe. It came out great. It’s expensive and you use a lot. I’ll be experimenting next time with a mix of hot ‘n’ hostile and sweet bits and bones. As on finger taste test the two combined are close

David Woods

Awesome stuff, especially on ribs...

Not Worth It

Was very interested in this rub because it came out top in a rib-rub comparison video I watched by Mad Scientist - but I tried it and to be honest I'm underwhelmed. I mean it's not terrible, but really when a tub o' rub is 12 quid I want to be blown away.

To me, it doesn't really have a flavour that is distinctive enough to make me think this is worth the extra premium over and above many of the excellent A&O rubs.

Philip Wattleworth
Puts a spell on you!

All the Meat Church rubs that we've tried are good, but this one is the favourite. A good kick of heat, and he hint of jalapeno flavour comes through too. Good on it's own but also a handy addition to mixing up rubs from MC or A&O to add a little magic.