ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator

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  • ✔ High Quality - High grade stainless steel mesh maze is the perfect accessory for almost any large barbecue or grill with a volume of at least 150 litres and a lid including Weber Smokey Mountain Bullet Smokers, UDS, Offset Smokers, Traeger, Napoleon, ProQ Smokers Excel, XL Ceramic grills like Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg, and most cabinet smokers.
  • ✔ Well Tested - Including a full 1 year warrantee and released in 2009 our smoker is a tried and tested design, appearing on TV programs including Channel 4's Gadget Man, Great British Menu, Masterchef. Used on curing and smoking courses nationwide including River Cottage, Smoky Jo, Turan T Turan, School of Artisan Food and Taste the Wild to teach how to make smoked salmon, smoked bacon and more!
  • ✔ The Perfect Gift - Fantastic for fishermen, foodies, hunters, chefs and barbecue pitmasters, this product opens doors to new ways of preparing produce like curing and adding new flavours to dishes from the variety of wood dust types available in our range, including Whisky Oak, Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Alder, Beech and Oak (Oak included). Full instructions are included.
  • ✔ Small but Powerful - This product requires no charcoal, electric element or gas! The Artisan Cold Smoke Generator measures 250 x 280 x 40mm (W x L x H), weighs 770g and is effective in containers from 150 litres and upwards, lasting much longer than the original Cols Smoke Generator and tube and pellet smokers. If you have a larger container, this is the smoke generator for you.
  • ✔ Original Patented Design - The ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator uses real wood to produce cool smoke for up to 10 hours (ProQ Oak Dust included). Simply fill the maze with smoking wood dust, light your tealight and insert it into the candle holder until your dust begins to smoulder. Remove the candle and insert the smoker into your smoking chamber. Perfect gadget for use in the garden at home to add smokey flavours to fish, meats, salmon, bacon, cheese, butter salt, herbs, spices and nuts.