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We know not everyone BBQs in rain like we do, but it’s definitely time to get the coals lit and absorb those rays of glorious sunshine! After hiding in the garage, shed and garden gathering spiders, it needs a good clean to sanitize it ready for use. Grab a beer and let’s go.

These tips are for a charcoal BBQ, and the tools I always have on hand are Stainless Scourer, Scrunched up Costco catering foil, Baking Soda & Vinegar, a paint scraper, and the most important one, Beers.

I don’t use wire brushes as find those little bristles come loose pretty easily and end up in the food. Instead, a stainless steel scouring pad is a great way to remove welded on debris, and if it’s not going to play ball, we have been known to use a paint scarper or even power tools. Honestly a 240V powder drill with a buffing disk is both satisfying and incredibly efficient at removing hardcore dirty bits.

This is the order I do my checks in, but there’s no set rules. Just remember, stay hydrated! 

Happy Cleaning! 
Cheers, Scott 🍺


How to clean your BBQ lid

Brush away debris and dust with a bunched-up piece of heavy-duty foil. Most BBQs will develop a skin of smoke and fat on the inside of the lid over the year, eventually coming off like a skin, which you don't want falling on your food when you clang the lid down. Check the handles and tighten any loose bolts.


Why clean the thermometer of your BBQ? 

Thermometer on a BBQ, Angus & Oink BBQ cleaning tips

Check your thermometer probe and give that a good clean-up too.

This helps make sure the reading is more accurate.


How to clean the inside of your BBQ

A BBQ breakfast over flames with cast iron skillets and fried eggs, black pudding, flat breads and charred leeks

Brush off any debris from the sides with the foil, a paint scraper or brush and clean leftover residue using some steel wool pads.

Keeping the inside of your BBQ clean makes sure the air flow works from bottom vents to top vents and allows efficient burning of fuel.

Keeping debris out of the main chamber also reduces the risk of flare ups and imparting any nasty burnt doors to your lovely new food.


How to clean BBQ Grates

BBQ cooking grates open and on fire for deep cleaning

I prefer to do this before cooking, it’s easier when the grates are hot. Open the vents & preheat the grill, use a steel wool pad to remove grime.

Why? We don’t want leftover mess ruining our cook & leaving black marks on our instagramable food! Fire kills all bugs so we tend to load the BBQ with charcoal and let the fire do the deep cleaning.


How to clean the BBQ Bowl

Angus & Oink Korean Spiced Chicken Wings on a smoker with wood chunks and flame

A mix of vinegar and baking soda with warm water is a great combo for cleaning grease. Add a little degreaser like washing up liquid if you need. Remember to rinse it well, no-one likes a soapy sausage.


How to clean the Ash Catcher & Fire Basket on your BBQ

BBQ Ash Catcher and Fire Basket cleaning tips, hot coals and wood log

Give it a good clean out! Sometimes needs a helping hand with a pressure washer. Keeping the ash catcher clean and as empty as possible ensures good air flow through and makes controlling the heat much easier.


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