No additives, just good ingredients

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No additives, just good ingredients

All natural!

We all eat sauce right? Ketchup, BBQ, mustard..choose your condiment weapon. The current chicken kings are huge on sauces and there are new varieties hitting the supermarket shelves all the time as the hot sauce market continues to thrive. They lure you into freshness and flavour, tease you with taste sensations that will perk up your dinner times.

Next time you pick up a bottle or jar, be sure to look at the label and find out what it is you are eating. We all care about ourselves enough to eat good food right? But convenience might replace that for the lack of healthier alternatives. Mass production brings price down and people are rightly concerned about their pockets as well.

The Angus & Oink rational is that sauces, certainly the one’s we found on our travels, didn’t use thickeners or preservatives or colorings. Mostly because people didn’t have access to them! So we don’t use them, and as we found out through research and talking to food scientists, you don’t need to. Nature provides. Tread the path that is authentic!

So when you read a label ask your self why there is caramel colour, sucrose syrup & stabilisers. What is propylene glycol alginate, modified maize starch, what is a spice extract? What is wrong with the colour of good ingredients? Emulsifiers like Polysorbate 60 and antioxidants like calcium disodium EDTA…what on earth!? Caffeine?? Natural Flavouring!??! We’re sure they are all very legal and well researched chemicals. BUT WE WANT TO EAT FOOD. Surely?

Angus & Oink …Preservative – vinegar, citrus juice, salt, sugar. Colouring – spice, fruit or vegetable. That’s it. Shake well before use. We don’t use stabilisers.

Most industrially produced sauces advertise that they are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. We produce sauces for people that want flavour with out compromise (and are suitable for veggies too!).

We're all natural just like nature intended - get your hands on some good sauce here.

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