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We all eat sauce right? Ketchup, BBQ, mustard..choose your condiment weapon. The current chicken kings are huge on sauces and there are new varieties hitting the supermarket shelves all the time as the hot sauce market continues to thrive. They lure you into freshness and flavour, tease you with taste sensations that will perk up your dinner times. Next time you pick up a bottle or jar, be sure to look at the label and find out what it is you are eating. We all care about ourselves enough to eat good food right? But convenience might replace that for...

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Did you know that we were recently awarded a coveted one star ‘simply delicious’ rating by the world’s largest food and drink awards, Great Taste 2016, for our West Indian hot pepper sauce, Voodoo Mango?! Recognised as a stamp of excellence among consumers and retailers alike, Great Taste, which is organised by the Guild of Fine Food, values taste above all else. Judges blind-test each product so branding or packaging does not influence them. Judges savoured, conferred and re-tasted over 10,000 products from across the UK and, with just 3,539 awarded a rating and only 194 in Scotland, Angus &...

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Fast making their mark in the UK Hot Sauce scene, Angus and Oink bring the fiery flavours of South America (but apparently not the weather) to Aberdeen. With strong ties to the grilled meat utopia that is The Adelphi Kitchen, the resulting abject food porn is quite something to behold! We had a gas with Scott, the mastermind behind A&O. SO HOW DID ANGUS AND OINK COME ABOUT? “Angus and Oink started trading in 2014 but the vision and the dream came about 3 years ago when we lived and worked around the world. We dreamt up a little business to sell hot...

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