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BBQ Bill or Bill Gardner runs through his top tips about how to use A&O rubs with fish to create a fantastic BBQ taste to cook great quality fish.

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Avid followers of Angus & Oink will already be aware that we have somewhat developed a passion for brisket. If cooked right, beneath the dusken bark lays tender meat – juicy, melt in the mouth and irresistibly drool worthy. However, it’s not easy to cook brisket, many have tried and failed (ouch!) especially since it’s usually twice as thick on one side and difficult to cook through evenly. It’s because of this that we thought we’d let you into a few trade secrets to help you enjoy this amazing piece of meat. Brisket itself is from the tough, muscly part...

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WE LOVE A NICE SPICY RUB! ....But we get asked a lot how to use them in cooking so here goes! We’ve made two rubs so far. Call them seasonings, dusts or rubs, same darn thing. It’s a mix of flavour, a canister of super tang, a smack of the essence all ready to explore in your kitchen. In its simplest form, shake the seasoning onto meat. It can’t be that easy??? Hell yes it is! Take a simple chicken breast and give it a light coating of olive oil and dust the meat with about one tsp of The General...

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