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Did you know that we were recently awarded a coveted one star ‘simply delicious’ rating by the world’s largest food and drink awards, Great Taste 2016, for our West Indian hot pepper sauce, Voodoo Mango?! Recognised as a stamp of excellence among consumers and retailers alike, Great Taste, which is organised by the Guild of Fine Food, values taste above all else. Judges blind-test each product so branding or packaging does not influence them. Judges savoured, conferred and re-tasted over 10,000 products from across the UK and, with just 3,539 awarded a rating and only 194 in Scotland, Angus &...

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Written by The Curry Guy I’m asked often to review products and services that are in line with my blog. I would love to do them all but unfortunately I just don’t have the time these days. Business calls and alas, recipe and product blogging has had to take a back seat for a while. A very short while I hope as I do love writing this blog. Every now and then, however a service comes around that I feel it would be mean not to let you all know about. Most recently, that service was Lick My Dip Subscription...

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Written by CateInTheKitchen You might remember that a little while ago I tried a pretty cool chilli subscription box named Lick My Dip, check out that post here if your memory is terrible or you’re new. Anyway, in that subscription box was Angus and Oink’s VOODOO MANGO sauce which I loved so, being an Internet person, I told ’em so on Twitter. They wanted to see what I made of the rest of their range and here we are. They’ve got 4 sauces in total, and they’re all pretty damn good so I’m gonna go through them one by one....

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