Korean Beef Cheek Ragu in 2 hours

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Korean Beef Cheek Ragu in 2 hours

Korean Beef Cheek Ragu in 2 hours

Cooking big cuts of meat, even cheeks can take an enormous amount of time. With the wizardry of the modern world, we tried to get some beef cheeks to tenderness in a flash! Still needing our smokey flavour hit though, we decided to smoke the cheeks for an hour with hickory wood chunks in the Kamado and opened the lid at the end to get a bit of searing.


Prep the veg and the broth for the ragu while the beef cheeks are cooking on the BBQ and the pressure cooker heats up. Used the sauté function on the veg to get the flavours rolling.


 3 beef cheeks, trimmed. Smoked and seared for an hour on BBQ with hickory wood chunks.

1 red onion & 1 white onion chopped into slices

1 whole bulb of garlic, peeled and diced

1 large bell pepper chopped into 1cm cubes

1 can of chopped tomatoes

2TBSP ginger puree

100g Kimichi – optional

60g A&O Korean seasoning

400ml water


Light the BBQ and once there is some heat, add the wood chunks and take up to 300F. You also sauté the cheeks in the instapot if you have no BBQ or no time. Smoke the cheeks for an hour with hickory for some good flavours.


Slice the onions, peel and slice the garlic, dice up the bell pepper. Put the instapot onto sauté function and heat up some sesame oil to start cooking the vegetables. Once they get some heat and colour, add the ginger puree and stir another 5 mins.  Add the can of tomatoes, the Korean seasoning and 400ml of water.


Add the beef cheeks to the mix and shut the lid for a timer setting on “beef” for 1hr. Once the beef cheeks are cooked and soft, shred them through the sauce and portion onto steamed rice. Add some spring onion, chives and crispy onions to the top. You could add sesame seeds or more kimchi too.



For this recipe we used the Instant Pot Pro 10-in1 Cooker*

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