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Korean Rub

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If you like Korean BBQ - you'll love this. Inspired from flavours between Japan and China, our blend of quality paprika, black pepper, sesame, ginger, chilli, star anise AND MORE makes for a bold in flavour and colour seasoning.

This can be enjoyed in so many ways, from grilled meat, smoked beef cheeks with pears, chicken wings - it truly is OMNIPOTENT!  


Check out our Pit Boss, Scott's Korean BBQ Chicken which is still our all time favourite way to lap up these flavours.

Or, a glorious tongue tingling Banh Mi with Crispy Korean Chicken

Coat your chicken wings, fish, shrimp, pork steaks, chicken thighs or beef cuts generously and leave to marinade for at least 1 hour. Cook away from direct heat where possible to avoid charring.


  • Sesame
  • Wheat
  • Celery

Ingredients (Allergens in CAPS & BOLD)
Salt, Sugar, paprika, Black pepper, Sesame Seeds (SESAME), Onion, Garlic, Celery Salt (CELERY), Soy (WHEAT, SOYA BEANS), Ginger, Citric acid, NORI Seaweed, Beetroot, Anise, Lime Powder, chilli, E621 & E631       

Customer Reviews

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mark Armstrong
Its Got Seoul Korean Rub

I absolutely ove this rub,just bought another large tub,and also bought some for my son for xmas,definitely one of my favourites,makes killer ribs on Pro Q smoker ,along with the Seoul BBQ sauce.
Also use it alot for Korean chicken burgers,and the Seoul BBQ sauce mixed with mayo to accompany the burger,kids love it ,a match mad in heaven.
You wont be disappointed with the flavour explosion of yhis Rub❤😋😋

Andy Robson

You Know It's Got Seoul - Korean Rub

Nick Gilbert
For chicken spicier than squid game

We're on our second jar of this rub now, had to re-up after using the first to make very tasty Korean bbq chicken. Simply whack it in a burger bun, kimchi optional, and combine with the A&O barbecue sauce for an exceptionally tasty meal. Also found it added a certain je ne sais quoi to a smoked salmon fillet. (Btw I said it's spicier than squid game but it's tangy and tingly, not really hot).

Suzanne Morris
A hint of Oriental spice

What a gem, really love this rub. Quite different from the others of A&O I have tried. It has a hint of heat with tones of oriental spice and sweetness, just love it.

Suzanne Morris
A hint of Oriental spice

I really love this rub, it's quite different to the others I have tried and has a definite hit of oriental spice with a little heat and sweetness. Fabulous