Orange & Cajun Spiced BBQ Chicken Wings

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Orange & Cajun Spiced BBQ Chicken Wings

Who doesn't love a wing? Such a quick and easy treat to cook up on the BBQ! and these epic looking wings from Brand Ambassador Kevin Edge are absolutely going to hit the spot!

A nice bit of spice from the Cajun Rub mixed with some zesty orange, our only other suggestion would be to make double, these won't last you long!


Wings and Marinade
4 Chicken wings, halved, wing tips removed. These whoppers where from The Village Butchers
Juice and zest of half a juicy orange (give it a roll before juicing!)
2 tablespoons Red Cajun Seasoning

BBQ Sauce
Juice of the other half of the orange
60ml Pit Boss BBQ Sauce

Ranch Dressing
75ml Mayo
2 tablespoons Ranch Seasoning
5ml apple cider vinegar
Water (optional)

Chopped Parsley to garnish


  1. Combine wings and marinade ingredients and marinade minimum 4 hours, preferably overnight
  2. Combine ranch dressing ingredients and allow to stand in fridge, minimum 1 hour, preferably overnight. My dressing was a little thick so I added a touch of water to loosen it.
  3. Whilst wings are cooking, combine BBQ sauce ingredients
  4. Grill wings until minimum 75c internal. I like to take wings a little higher, 80-85c
  5. When wings are cooked, toss in bbq sauce.
  6. Plate up and drizzle with ranch dressing and a sprinkle of parsley.


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