Scott's Korean BBQ Chicken

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Scott's Korean BBQ Chicken

A few weeks ago we did an Instagram Live cook with our Octane vortex, we showcased how to cook Fried Chicken on the BBQ and since then we've been asked many time for the recipe, s here it is!

Korean BBQ Chicken

Its unbelievable but you can air fry chicken in the BBQ!! Getting the weber kettle up to 500F + is super easy with our Octane grilling supercharger.
Tender on the inside with a cracking crunch on the exterior, coated with sweet & sour sticky Korean bbq sauce, this is a home run for a taste explosion!!
What you will need…
1 Kg chicken thigh fillets
300g plain flour
100g tapioca flour or corn flour
1 tsp baking powder
Oil for coating
Runny Honey 100ml
Fish sauce 1tsp
Lime 2tsp
Soy Sauce 2 tbsp
Sesame oil 1 tbsp
In a bowl, mix the flours and baking powder together, cover the chicken in flour making sure every inch is coated, set aside.
In a separate bowl take 100g of the flour mixture already made and add water until you get a very thin batter, approx 300ml of water.
Dip the flour coated chicken into the bater and then into the dry flour mix again. Squeeze the chicken pieces down and use your finger tips to create flakes of flour coating.
Set on a baking tray.
Light your BBQ and preferably use the Octane in a weber kettle. You could also deep fry the chicken if you don't have at the BBQ accessories. Get the BBQ up to 400-500F and arrange the chicken around the outside of the Octane vortex.
Place the lid on the BBQ and wait for about 15 minutes. Look for the crust to start firming up and then spray or use a brush to coat the chicken in oil. You can use veg oil, rapeseed or even a blend with sesame. Place lid back on and wait 15 mins. repeat the oil process and allow the chicken to air fry in the oil until it becomes crispy. Use the oil liberally.
For the sauce - In a pan, mix A&O Korean BBQ sauce with honey, sesame oil, a little fish sauce, a dash of soy sauce and a squeeze of lime. Stir to warm and combine the ingredients and make a beautiful sticky glaze.
Submerge the chicken pieces into the glaze or paint on with a brush.
Serve in Tacos with pickled veg, on a bed of rice or eat straight from the board. Super tasty crunchy Korean BBQ fried chicken!!


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