Smoky Cajun Pork & Beans

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Smoky Cajun Pork & Beans

An epic cook from our brand ambassador Neil over at Griller Guerillahere he talks us through how he went about it. 

Here is a cook of two parts. I figured that the "Red Cajun" would be just the ticket for a Smoky Pork and Beans Casserole … so I set to it.
  1. First port of call was to set up the BBQ with Big K “Chiller Griller” charcoal and a couple of chunks of Slim Ricks “Bourbon Barrel” smoking wood.
  2. Prepare your Bone In Belly Ribs with the Red Cajun Seasoning rub and place over a couple of trays of stock with Cooking Apples and Onion in them.
  • The Apple and Onion were quite Chunky which helps them stay together throughout the process. 
  • They were given a couple of hours of low and slow smoking and then taken off and stripped away from the Bone and the Fat.
  • Add the meat to a Casserole pot with various Beans, the Apple/Onion stock, a tub of Passata and an extra dash of the Cajun Rub and back into the BBQ and the heat was cranked up.
  • Whilst this was bubbling away merrily, I took some Skin on Sweet Potato and created wedges and left them to soak in cold water for an hour, this will help remove the starch.
  • Drained, I then dried them well and coated in oil. Put into the oven, Skin side down at 180°c fan and allowed to cook until softened, the oven was then cranked to 220°c until the Wedges had crisped up.
  • To serve, I ladled a good amount of the stew over the wedges and drizzled with JDs XXtra Hot Honey. 
  • Smoky Cajun Prok and Beans

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