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To create this beauty we started with a wonderful 6KG 1953 Brisket from our butcher John Davidson. The Sau Paulo 1953 is the ultimate Full Packer Brisket aimed to rival the might of the North American USDA Prime counterpart. This is specifically produced, grass fed beef, finished on a 200 day Grain diet.   First things first we fired up the Kamado Joe and got to work trimming the brisket. We added good quality lump wood charcoal to the KJ, enough for a 6-8hr cook.  The Kamado was set up with both deflector plates above the charcoal so to limit radiant heat....

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The big brisket day! 6.5kg Jacks Creek Wagyu from John Davidson All the fixins for brisket tacos! Seasoned with our go to combo of Dirty Cow x Texas Torque. A little Black Gold in the jus. Amping flavour. Smoked with cherry x hickory wood chunks. Cook took 6.5 hrs and 40 minutes resting. Cooking at 300f on the Gateway Drum. Eaten in 5 minutes!          

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Avid followers of Angus & Oink will already be aware that we have somewhat developed a passion for brisket. If cooked right, beneath the dusken bark lays tender meat – juicy, melt in the mouth and irresistibly drool worthy. However, it’s not easy to cook brisket, many have tried and failed (ouch!) especially since it’s usually twice as thick on one side and difficult to cook through evenly. It’s because of this that we thought we’d let you into a few trade secrets to help you enjoy this amazing piece of meat. Brisket itself is from the tough, muscly part...

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