Bill Whelan

Bill Whelan

Bill Whelan//Meat Fire Whisky

Like many people in the BBQ community I discovered the joys of cooking over fire during last years lock down. This new found love of BBQ quickly escalated to cooking outside three or four times a week. I was lucky enough to visit Angus & Oink HQ in late July which was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Inspired by their array of rubs and sauces I’ve tried to cook more and more meals on my BBQs even doing both my Christmas turkey and ham on the BBQ this year. 

I’m passionate about cooking everyday meals on the BBQ not just the traditional burgers or ribs and briskets. I’ve done dishes such as curries, roasts, steaks, one pot meals, more obscure cuts of meat like lambs hearts and even deep fried haggis bonbons on the BBQ! 

As the name suggests I have a passion for whisky and have managed to gather over 75 bottles of whisky in my house. If not on the BBQ I spend much of my free time exploring Scotland’s mountains with my wife Kirsty and our dog TJ.

Having a camper van I’m looking forward to taking my passion for BBQ on the road this year! I cook on a Louisiana Grills Kamado, a second hand Weber 57 kettle and my latest addition thanks to my friends and Angus & Oink is a PKGO. A brilliant portable BBQ which will be travelling Scotland with us in our camper as soon as possible! I’m very excited to be a small part of Angus and Oink a brand which I feel very passionate about. 

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