Social Purpose

Our Journey goes further than you might think!

At Angus & Oink we have been lucky to travel far & wide and are committed to a better understanding of the world of food. With the flavours we develop, we strive to produce the best tasting spice blends with real authenticity made from sustainable sources and premium quality ingredients.

But it goes further than that. Our dream is to have a happy work place where people are rewarded. We cook for our employees at least twice a week and by doing so bring the A&O family together, stop and remember who we are and what we are all about. We deliver on flavour and more...


We're very conscious that our products are packaged in PET plastic but we made this choice as it is the most recyclable of all plastic products. We encourage our customers to re-use, re-cycle or even up-cycle our tubs. We are working with our supply chain to move to PET-R which contains up to 50% of re-cycled material.

Our move to Deeside Activity Park in Aberdeenshire has enabled us to offset some of our carbon footprint by working within an energy efficient environment with solar and bio-mass fuel contributing and optimising our energy footprint.

Our spice and herb sourcing, where possible, is from the UK supply chain. Herbs, sugar and some spices are sourced in the UK to support UK growers and lend a small hand to reducing out transportation impact.

We also decided to reduce our transportation carbon emissions by focusing on key hubs and distributors for our logistics, so instead of sending hundreds of small parcels and boxes overseas, we now work with like minded distributors to get our tasty products to amazing cooks all over the world.

We can't do everything, but we can do something


Professional kitchen environments and BBQ in general can be quite a male dominated space but we believe in gender equality. Over 75% of our workforce and 50% of the management team is female in a fast paced and exciting work environment.

Taste Amazing but Do Better

We are proud of our achievements and our team. We try to be good people and support each other on the journey that is at times difficult. But we're sure it's not as hard as some people have it so we made the decision to support several organisations that can help people in need. With that said we have shown support for The Burnt Chef Project and Narcolepsy UK raising over £5000 this year for charity.

We have an exciting new collaboration that is coming to life in 2021 with FareShare. This is the UK's biggest charity fighting hunger and food waste where they take good-to-eat food, which is unsold or unwanted by the food industry, sorts it in one of its 30 regional warehouses, and passes it onto a network of more than 10,500 charities and charity groups. We'll be donating £5 on every box from sales of a bespoke "EAT GOOD-FEEL GOOD" A&O box to FareShare.