Hungry Oink

Hungry Oink

I was first introduced to Angus & Oink at the very beginning.

Malissa & Scott, the creators, are my Auntie and Uncle, so I've been treated to all the amazing BBQ foods for some time now.
Since working for them I have developed a real passion for the brand and also the amazing products they continue to create.

My cooking style has to be 'Quick 'n' Easy'. Minimal effort for maximum reward. That's why I love the products so much. I need not know which herbs and spices complement each other. I can quickly grab the flavour I would like and BANG, another delicious meal is born!

I absolutely love steak so my favourite rubs have to be Japanese Togorashi and Gaucho, these bring steak to life with ease!!

This year I'll be looking to create healthier, lower calorie recipes and share tips and tricks on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, whilst enjoying all the foods I love... BBQ!!

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