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I’ve always enjoyed a bbq and knew there must be more to it than black sausages and raw chicken so attended a Weber academy course and had my mind blown.  The next day I bought a Weber kettle and have never looked back!

Looking for a rub to cook my first pork butt I came across Angus & Oinks sweet bones and butts and I’ve been hooked on Angus & Oink products ever since.

I love cooking a quick smash burger for the family but also love a good hot and fast brisket, the aromas that fill the garden are what makes bbq so special for me.

Its almost impossible to choose favourite products from the vast Angus & Oink range as I genuinely believe they are the best on the market by a country mile and are all incredibly well thought out, put together and taste amazing.  The ones I find we use the most are Big Phat Greek, Garlic Butter and Shawarma seasoning.  We also love Rub Me Long Time and Texas Steak goes with everything and I sneak Moomami into a lot of dishes too.  Sauce wise, Red House Kansas City BBQ is the perfect bbq sauce but Baby Pangang or Seoul Korean make for some very tasty and different alternatives.

  don’t even get me started on how good the rum is.

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