Mark Campbell//Granite Smoke

Mark Campbell//Granite Smoke

Hi, I’m Mark. I’ve got a real passion for food and outdoor cooking.


My BBQ journey began when I inherited an old grill from my father in-law which I regularly used to burn all kinds of different dishes, mostly sausages and burgers but sometimes as a treat I would grill some dry, tasteless chicken. Eventually I realised that I needed to either give up or kick on and learn the dark art of BBQ. I decided on the latter, knuckled down and once I was happy with my progress I invested in a Kamado Joe Classic. The Kamado was a bit of a learning curve, in fact the phrase “All the gear and no idea” was uttered by my wife on a few occasions. Thankfully I persevered and managed to get to grips with it relatively quickly and I never looked back. I now enjoy cooking all types of BBQ from low and slow to Hot and Fast and over the years I have turned my hand to everything from pancakes & quiches to Seafood & Steaks.


I was introduced to Angus and Oink at a pretty early stage, back in 2015 I picked up a bottle of Voodoo Mango sauce which blew me away and from that moment on I knew I was hooked. The quality of the product was excellent, the brand was exciting and introducing me to flavours that I couldn’t wait to try. Little did I realise just how hooked I would get. My current favourites include Jerk anything using Exodust Jerk seasoning, Korean BBQ Chicken seasoned with You know it’s got Seoul – Korean Rub and any cut of steak seasoned with Gaucho Chimichurri Rub is a winner.


I’m absolutely delighted to have been asked to become a brand ambassador for Angus and Oink. Not only are they on my doorstep, they are a company with products I’m a massive fan of and don’t get me started on the team!


Over and Out


Mark / @thegranitesmoke

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