Robert Stevens

Robert Stevens

I’m Rob, born in Scotland, brought up in the High Peak, Derbyshire and now Midlands based.

My background is being a classically trained Chef with 14 years experience of cooking around hotels and restaurants around Europe. I stopped being a chef a number of years ago to pursue a career in a different sector. Now I’m a Dad of three amazing girls and a long suffering wife 🙏🏻

For the last eight years I’ve been transferring my culinary knowledge to predominantly cooking over coals in the great outdoors. I have unintentionally started to collect quite a few outside cooking devices which consist of two Kamado Joe’s, a classic 2 and Jnr, Weber Master Touch and a Weber go anywhere. Finishing off with the awesome Roccbox.

My passion for BBQ all year round gets stronger each time I fire up the coals. With the current climate, being able to get out in the garden and express myself with creating good food and if I’m in the mood, a little dance! I stumbled across A&O a couple of years ago when looking for a place to buy a kamado Joe from. Scott looked after me straight away and threw in some rubs with the deal.

Straight away I was hooked with the flavours that A&O bring to the table, hitting flavours from all over the world. From day one I’ve always been looked after by A&O with customer service that is second to none. An amazing combo of great products and a company that genuinely looks after all of it’s customers. When asked if I would be interested in being a brand Ambassador, it was a no brainer

You can follow the adentures of Rob here

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