Sue Stoneman

Sue Stoneman

Hi, I’m Sue! I live in Devon with my family and love to cook. I got into cooking outdoors five years ago when I built my wood fired oven. It’s such fun cooking over fire and sharing food.  I then started adding to my collection of BBQs. I have two Kamado Joes, a Classic and Junior, a Thuros Tabletop Grill and a Kadai Firebowl. I now have a BBQ shelter so I can bbq every day whatever the weather, come rain or shine, wind or snow. Some of you may already know me from my live cooks wearing my BBQ slippers, holding a tipple in one hand my tongs in the other!  I’m probably best known for the desserts I cook on my BBQs, mainly my Kamado Joes, but I also like cooking on other bbqs and rustling up tasty treats, be it meat, vegetables, cakes, bread and even a pavlova! 

I’m delighted to be an A&O Brand Ambassador. I met Scott on a trip to Scotland four years ago and I’ve been buying A&O rubs and sauces for a while now and also their sausages and ale too. First rubs I bought were Dirty Cow, MooMami, The General and Porky White Chick.  I’ve tried lots more, recently the MacDaddy Rub which does make an awesome sauce for your burger stacks.  A&O are always inventing and moo-ving forward with the style and range of rubs and I enjoy cooking with them all.  Some I’ve still yet to try. I’m looking forward to rustling up and sharing some new recipes to get your taste buds tingling and your tongs a clicking over your fires. 

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