Fries With That? Fries Seasoning

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We created this epic seasoning as a collaboration with our great friends at Down The Hatch, Edinburgh.

It's a taste sensation for fries, wedges, nachos, pop-corn and everything else in-between! With savoury rich flavours of garlic butter and bacon, what's not to love?!

Our USA style Fries Seasoning is best applied over hot, freshly cooked fries and tossed well in a bowl before serving. Then prepare to have your world, and your fries, well and truly rocked!

We think you're gonna want to SUPERSIZE ME on this one!

  • 225g

Salt, Sugar, Chilli, Paprika, Black pepper, Garlic, Onion, Butter Powder (MILK), Celery Salt (CELERY), Marjoram, Parsley, Oregano, Turmeric, Cumin, Natural Flavourings, E621, E631, Silicon Dioxide.

Customer Reviews

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andrew Janes
Can't have Chips without it!

after we tried this about 2 months back, we are hooked and most chips are now covered in the stuff. it does what it says on the tin!!!!!!!

Andrew Janes
Every chip deserves this

This rub makes everything better!

Sven Carrington

Fries With That? Fries Seasoning

Ben Nixon
Too sweet

Completely see what the guys were going for, but the sugary sweet taste (I guess to get the maple taste of bacon) ruins it a little for me. I feel it would still work fine without this.

Bill maddock
I can’t stop eating chips!!

Firstly, make your own chips, do not buy frozen…… add this rub…….. and enjoy.

This adds a really amazing and diverse flavour to your fries, to the point you’ll wonder how you’ve managed to get by with just ketchup for so many years!

Works great with ‘Blue Hogs original BBQ sauce’………… and cheese…… it is epic, with cheese!

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