Pigasus Rub

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This is the one rub to rule them all. Bacon Honey Jalapeño…seriously what is not to like!!  We use this with Sweet Bones & Butts for the maximum in colour, sweetness and baconised balanced heat. The Jalapeño cooks out well leaving a moreish warmth and background flavour of savoury bacon goodness.

In its prototype form alone, it was used by Tony Northover of Cockney Q at several competitions on ribs and won over the judges!

Try it once and beware of addiction. This will be all over your pig, chicken, chops and chips. You were warned!



This seasoning is becoming a fast favourite with the customers over at our friends Aberdam Dutch Fries - check them out if your local to Aberdeen!

Ingredients (Allergens in CAPS & BOLD)

Salt, sugar, paprika, black pepper, celery salt (CELERY), chilli, onion, honey powder, garlic, cumin, turmeric, natural flavouring (SOYA), silicon dioxide, E621, E631.

Customer Reviews

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Sue Stoneman
Perfect piggy tickler

Fantastic seasoning for pork ribs & pulled pork - packed with all things porky to make your meat dance and sing. Pairs well with Sweet Bones & Butts for extra zing.

Alec OReilly

Brilliant rub

The BEST A&O rub I have used so far on Ribs

Last weekend, I prepared some for my family including 4 of racks of ribs. I seasoned two racks with the Pigasus rub and the other two with Sweet Bones and Butts. Both rubs proved to be exceptional, but it was the Pigasus blend that stole the show for my family. It offers a subtle touch of heat, making it a standout choice. When paired with Blue Hog's Championship BBQ sauce, which I firmly believe is the best BBQ sauce out there, the result was nothing short of spectacular. In short, those ribs were the most outstanding ones I've cooked to date.

Eating it from the jar

Not used it in a cook yet, but opened it to taste and found it hard not to just eat it with a spoon

LibbyElizabeth Lambert

So very tasty