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Making Pastrami can be a very rewarding hobby, few things in life compare to your own home cured true NYC deli experience!!

In our Angus & Oink way, we have developed some banging’ seasoned curing salts for home cured beef. Use this cure with our Pastrami Rub to finish the project. Cure the beef, then smoke or steam with the Pastrami Rub applied to the surface!


Ingredients (Allergens in CAPS & BOLD)
Sea Salt, Sugar, Coriander, Garlic, Ginger, Cloves, All Spice , Ancho Chilli, Juniper, Pepper, E250 Sodium Nitrite, E251 Sodium Nitrate, E301 Sodium Ascorbate

Customer Reviews

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Manx Steve
Does what it says

Really easy to use with great results, cured for 3 days and then cooked on the Kamado.

I’m going to try the bacon cure next

Robert Ironmonger
Great product and fast delivery

First time buying an A&O product but really impressed with eveything!

Easy to use with great results

I've made pastrami a few times - usually making my own cures. This one is so easy to use and gives an awesome flavour. I don't think that I'll be making my own again.

After you've smoked the beef (I used a little apple wood in my ProQ Frontier) you are ready for a great sandwich experience!

Mr S Adams
Pastrami - Think carefully before sharing any!

I have been using this cure for a few weeks now. Each Sunday I take some up to my local to share. Never been inundated before by people asking how you make beef taste like this. It will eat into your spare time if you try and satisfy every request. The cure (and rub) does what it says if you follow the instructions. Do pierce the meat if it too thick or you will get the grey patch of shame. Once the curing is finished. The best cooking technique I have found is 45 mins of pressure cooking (with liquid smoke added to the water) followed by a blast under the grill with the rub if you want a crispy finish. Either way it is delicious. Just don't give away how easy it is to produce.

Stuart Young
Easy Peasy Pastrami for All skill levels

Used to make my own Pastrami Cure measuring and mixing all the ingredients. Angus & Oink’s Pastrami Cure is spot on and saves me time, effort and best of all I don’t have to buy separate curing agents, so less waste.
OK you have to think ahead because the cure process takes a little time but the end result is stunning and a real crowd pleaser.
Would I Recommend it….You bet your life I would 👍

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