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Lambert’s Sweet Sauce O’ Mine original sauce was created by Mark Lambert, a three-time Pork Shoulder Memphis in May World Champion Pitmaster and Winner of the 2013 Memphis In May Grand Champions!

This award winning Mississippi-style BBQ Sauce is a combination of tomato. molasses, vinegar and a unique a blend of spices that just needs to be tried.  Sweet Sauce O’ Mine is the original from Mark Lambert and it goes great on everything from pork to steak, fish and even veggies!

Sweet Sauce O’ Mine can be applied as a glaze on your meat by applying it during the last hour of your cook.  Sweet Sauce O’ Mine provides a wonderful bark on all of your BBQ meats.  If used in combination with Sweet Rub O’ Mine, it can provide you with the World Champion results that Mark Lambert has found at Memphis in May and many other BBQ contests.