Suya African Seasoning (Nut Free)

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SUYA, like it spicy?! 
From the West of Africa this spicy seasoning peps up beef & chicken.
Peanut free but with all the flavour leaving your tastebuds helplessly satisfied! 

Try it on Skewers with flatbreads, a fantastic warming winter stew or the perfect seasoning for meatballs.

Customer Reviews

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Rick Gore
Great for fried chicken

I use this seasoning for my home made air fryer fried chicken and it is amazing. Just the right amount of heat and the peanut flavour adds a fantastic dimension to them . I’d make them every day if my wife would allow me !! I’m on my 2nd tub already after only 1 month


Fantastic new flavours. AO are the best.

Graham Duncan
Suya from the Crew Pack

The Crew Pack arrived a couple of days ago, so thought I'd try something different and decided on the Suya rub. Mixed 20g of the rub with 25ml of rapeseed oil that was poured over two diced chicken breasts. I let it marinate for a couple of hours, whilst I made some satay sauce. I threaded the chicken onto skewers and cooked them in an air fryer. Served with some rice. Delicious, the meat was very tasty with a nice warm aftertaste. I'd certainly make more kebabs with this rub in the future.

A spicy treat!

Couldn't wait to try this new product so fried off some onion and cabbage with a generous sprinkle of this. Absolutely delicious, it added a nice amount of heat to the meal but it wasn't overwhelming and let the other flavours come through!

Another winner from A&O!!!