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halloween, Meat tinsel, Pumpkin spice -

Once again our Meat Tinsel seasoning is coming out swinging, determined to proved its very much 'Not Just For Christmas'. It is indeed the UK equivalent of 'Pumpkin Spice' which is loved by our friends in the US once the weather turns autumnal!

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Chicken thighs, coconut, curry, curry powder, sri lankan, tomato -

A delicious fragrant curry bursting with flavours of cardamom, cinnamon and clove. Quick and easy to make on the BBQ or hob.

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noodles, ramen, Teriyaki -

We were lucky enough to receive this wonderful recipe from @Keithcooks_ a food photographer based in Edinburgh. Here he talks us through his method to create this absolutely stunning dish of food, which showcases not one but two of our latest rubs! We have to admit we do love Keith's introduction to his recipes, enjoy!

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chutney, curry, mango, sri lankan -

This Mango Chutney has a spicy finish and uses our new Sri Lankan Curry Powder as the aromatic part for a complex flavour-bomb of sunny goodness! 

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beef, bengali, Curry, gosht, homemade curry -

OH MY GOSHT!!! This was a flavour sensation. Gosht literally means slow cooked, so this can be made on a BBQ, slow cooker, casserole dish or in a low oven.

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