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A deliciously sweet treat to end the BBQ!

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"Paletas Moulds can be purchased from Amazon, and Jay who created these incredible recipes, recommends ensuring you choose food safe silicon that ideally stack upwards - that way they take up less room in your freezer. You can also purchase Paletas Sleeves from Amazon, to store them safely in your freezer. Each recipe makes 4 Paletas, if you want to make more, simply double up, and the flavour combos include: Strawberry, Lemon + Lemon Pepper Spiced Blood Orange Black Cherry Coke Blueberry & Victoria Plum Pineapple + Voodoo Mango Mexican Avocado + Lime Rhubarb + Rose Coconut + Rose "

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"Jay has done it again with a deliciously sweet and salty dessert that really got our mouths watering! It's easy to do but you must work quite quickly! This recipe makes plenty, but Jay assures us there's never enough and always someone ready and available to hoover up extras. Sounds familiar. A definite add to Easter feasting list for us, let us know if you try it too! "

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