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"This combination of rich aromatic pork belly, spicy sweet and sour salad and a tangy Moroccan inspired BBQ sauce are a match made in heaven!  It's very simple to make using a few pantry staples.  Why not give it a try!  Enjoy! Kelly"

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It's not everyday we see our products used in a 'fine dining style' so when we saw this over on Instagram by one of our customers @scottfest79 we knew we had to get the details from him, so here's the lowdown on how to create this beauty of a dish. We can't wait to make these as a starter for our next meal with friends, or even as some snacks with drinks.

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Keith has created a belter of a recipe which helps us prove what we've always said - eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring, bland and tasteless! This simple Baked Harissa Chicken dish is full of aromatic spice from the Middle East, with Chicken Legs seasoned in Ras El Hanout seasoning, and baked until the internal temp hits 75c. Served with a cold courgetti salad and Middle Eastern grains on the side, this dish delivers the flavour and is almost effortless. Give it a try today. Cheers Keith!

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"Paletas Moulds can be purchased from Amazon, and Jay who created these incredible recipes, recommends ensuring you choose food safe silicon that ideally stack upwards - that way they take up less room in your freezer. You can also purchase Paletas Sleeves from Amazon, to store them safely in your freezer. Each recipe makes 4 Paletas, if you want to make more, simply double up, and the flavour combos include: Strawberry, Lemon + Lemon Pepper Spiced Blood Orange Black Cherry Coke Blueberry & Victoria Plum Pineapple + Voodoo Mango Mexican Avocado + Lime Rhubarb + Rose Coconut + Rose "

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