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These beef shin birria style tacos are an absolute favourite in my house. Making these using the traditional ingredients can be difficult as they are hard to source so when in doubt reach for some A&O seasonings. 

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"Let’s Taco about Tacos! In an ideal world we’d eat tacos every day. This version of the taco is filled with crispy fish and a super fresh slaw made from all sorts of goodness. Smother this is garlic butter mayo and you have a sharing platter of tacos that is not really for sharing. We don’t share tacos."

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"These tasty little morsels are the ideal finger food for parties or as light snack, especially for those of us looking to up the protein levels. Bursting with flavour, these boiled eggs are packed with a vibrant zingy filling, and dusted with Jalapeño Pretzel crumb, and finished with a gentle drizzle of our Phat Taco sauce. These are addictive, and makes a real impact in place of bog-standard egg mayo sandwiches for lunch. "

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This epic “one pot” Mexican Lamb Birria dish combines the spices from the A&O Mexican Rub with Ancho and Guajillo chillies to create a mouthwatering stew. Slowcooked until tender then served in tacos with pickled red onion, radish and sour cream. The problem is, you’ll eat more than Juan.

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"Paletas Moulds can be purchased from Amazon, and Jay who created these incredible recipes, recommends ensuring you choose food safe silicon that ideally stack upwards - that way they take up less room in your freezer. You can also purchase Paletas Sleeves from Amazon, to store them safely in your freezer. Each recipe makes 4 Paletas, if you want to make more, simply double up, and the flavour combos include: Strawberry, Lemon + Lemon Pepper Spiced Blood Orange Black Cherry Coke Blueberry & Victoria Plum Pineapple + Voodoo Mango Mexican Avocado + Lime Rhubarb + Rose Coconut + Rose "

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