Golden Nuggets!

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Golden Nuggets!

Golden Chicken Nuggets by Sue Stoneman


Move over KFC – for these GCNs – Golden Chicken Nuggets!  These tasty nuggets are so moreish – pieces of chicken thigh coated in Fools Gold with flavours of bacon, miso and honey you’ll be licking your lips and fingers and wanting more!  Fried, grilled or skewered, they make a super snack. Dip into your favourite sauce and eat on their own or with chips. The kids will love them too.



4 chicken thighs cut into pieces – bite size


For the coating:

4 tablespoons of plain flour

2 tablespoons of Fools Gold

 4 slices of bread made into breadcrumbs (approx. 75g breadcrumbs or panko will work well)

2 tablespoons Fools Gold

2 eggs, beaten


You might need a little more depending on how big your chicken thighs are and how thick you coat the pieces of chicken, so the above is a rough guide.



Place the flour and Fools Gold into a plate and mix well.

Put the breadcrumbs and Fools Gold into a separate plate, and mix together. The beaten eggs need to be in their own dish too. There is golden seasoning in both the flour mix and the breadcrumbs to enhance those wonderful flavours and colours.

This is the messy bit. I keep one hand for all the dipping and the other hand for sipping!

Take a piece of chicken and dip it into the flour mixture. Then dip it into the beaten egg and then straight into the breadcrumbs, ensuring it’s evenly coated. Put on a tray and continue with the rest of the chicken.

When you’ve used up all the chicken pieces, you’re ready to cook them.  Prepare your bbq or you can cook these indoors. Deep frying will be another option but not as healthy.  You can grill, fry or skewer these nuggets. I think that grilling them in a wire mesh tray was the best way as you can turn them regularly. Keep an eye on them so they don’t burn.  However you cook them, they’ll be delicious. Cook until internal temp reaches 74C.

Eat straight away with your favourite sauce. Dip them into the sauce – and pop them straight into your mouth! Go back for more!

Another idea: You could try making a batter and adding the Fools Gold seasoning into that instead of coating with breadcrumbs. Omit the dipping in egg, just coat in flour and then drop them into the batter before deep frying. 

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