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Blackened fish definitely has it's roots in Cajun cooking so it was only right we brought our our fantastic Cajun Seasoning for this recipe! We served the Blackened Salmon on a delicious bowl of cajun rice jam packed with shrimp, and gammon pieces too! 

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A fabulously easy dish that the kids can get involved making. This is going to make the ultimate Mothers Day breakfast fit for the Queen of your house!

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Iron BBQ & White Currant Salmon Ingredients  500g of White Currents 300g of Sugar 300g of Water 4 tsps of Iron Bru  2 fillets of Salmon  Knob of butter Nigella Seeds  Sesame Seeds  Method  Wash and drain 500g of White Currents and place in a heavy pan.  Add 300g of water and bring to a rolling boil, simmer for 10 minutes.  Take off the heat and strain through a mesh colander leaving the pulp behind.  Add back into the pan and combine the sugar, Iron Bru, butter and bring back to rolling temperature of 104c simmer for ten minutes till...

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