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A fantastically easy gammon recipe for the slow cooker, because lets face it after the bedlam of Christmas we want something to pop in the slow cooker in the morning thats ready for the late afternoon 😋

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Rotisserie Gammon with Charred Apricot, Medjool Dates, Turmeric, Orange Blossom & Fools Gold BBQ sauce   A beautiful dish created by the wonderful Jay Porter, you just know the range of charred fruits and spices are going to take this Rotisserie Gammon to the next level!   BBQ Sauce  Makes 2 x 0.25 Jars  Ingredients  8 cups of pitted apricots or  2 cups of sugar  2 cups of maple syrup  6 Medjool Dates chopped  Zest and Juice of a fresh lemon I small piece of fresh turmeric  1-3tsp of Fools Gold  1 tbsp of Orange blossom water  1 knob of butter ...

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