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Steak Frites? Or Papas Fritas Provencal as they were know and loved by our founders when they spent a few years living in Buenos Aires! In this recipe we have used a beautiful quality bavette steak which we salted well with a good quality sea salt. You can then cook over hot coals or in a smoking hot pan turning every so often until core temp reaches 52ºc leave to rest. Then slice your Bavette steak against the grain, brushing with a Garlic Butter Rub mixed with melted butter.

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gaucho, potato buns -

Potato Burger Bun These buns are large and fluffy but strong enough to hold a heavier meat burgers such as brisket.   Ingredients  250g of baking potatoes   5 tbs of potato water  270g of strong bread flour 2 x large eggs  2 tbs of unsalted butter  2 tbs of Angus and Oink Gaucho Seasoning  1 tbs of granulated sugar  2 tsp of dried yeast 2 tsp of salt, preferably fine sea salt 2 tbs of black and white sesame seeds Sliced red and green jalapeños or chilli  100g of cheese, I use a mature cheddar    Method  Boil potatoes till...

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gaucho, pig cheek, ragu -

Cheeky piggy goodness in one pot with these Gaucho smoked pig cheeks.  Serve with hasselbacks and focaccia

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