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This recipe is our own interpretation of this uniquely American dish. A great healthy side dish, we adapted to ingredients readily available to us in the UK, with great results! It's a beautifully vibrant dish, that pops with all the flavour of our Mr Rubba Rubba seasoning! We are sure many of our other seasonings would taste great too so why not mix it up a bit! Succotash originated from Narragansett Native Americans living in the area now known as Rhode Island. The name is derived from the Narragansett word sohquttahhash, which means 'broken corn kernels'

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Rich Middle Eastern spices from the A&O Baharat Rub, tomatoey onion sauce and soft poached eggs are a match made in heaven.

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 A healthy meat free alternative that will get those tastebuds dancing

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Malissa and I were blown away by this creation. The flavours!! And no meat involved!

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Full of hearty beans, spinach and kale, this recipe makes for a banging healthy meal that is packed with flavour and is in your belly within 20 minutes.

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