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It's a Spice Bag, but not as you know it! Spice bags are hugely popular in Ireland, and is inspired by chinese takeaway cuisine. Here's one we made in Scotland how's that for fusion! Typically, a spice bag consists of fried salt &chilli chips, chicken (usually shredded, occasionally fried, peppers, sliced chillies and fried onions and a good sprinkle of spices - which is where we come in!

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An awesome alternative to a Friday Night Take Out  Lemon Pepper Chicken  3 Chicken Breasts  200ml of Robinson’s Barely Water Cordial  2 tbs of Honey 1 tbs of oil 3 tbs of Custard Powder  3 tbs of Angus and Oink Lemon Pepper Seasoning  Chopped Pineapple, tinned or fresh  Sprinkle of Chives or Coriander stalks   Chopped Chilli  Sliced Lemon to garnish  Slice chicken breasts on the bias and dust with Lemon Pepper and set aside to marinate for a few hours or overnight Lightly brown the chicken in a pan with oil and then leave to one side.   Pour the...

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Winner Winner Honey Chilli Chicken Dinner. The A&O Honey Chilli seasoning has the perfect blend of spices for this epic Chinese Fakeaway dish. Strips of crispy chicken and crunchy peppers are loaded with flavour and this recipe with leave you craving more. Serves 4 Prep Time:1 HourCooking Time: 15 minutesIngredients 700g Chicken Breast, sliced thin 50g Baking Powder 50g Cornflour 3 Tbsp Angus & Oink Honey Chilli Rub 2 Bell Peppers (Green & Red), roughly chopped 2 Garlic Cloves, minced 1 Brown Onion, sliced 1 tbsp Fresh Ginger, grated Vegetable Oil Sesame Seeds For the sauce: 4 tbsp Soy Sauce...

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The UK’s favourite takeaway dish, upgraded with a big ol’ A&O spice infusion! This one laughs in the face of restaurant curries, and can be made in less than 1hr!

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