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curry, Fish, shrimp, Sri Lankan -

Aromatic Seafood Curry, with serious OOOMPH!!

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Chicken thighs, coconut, curry, curry powder, sri lankan, tomato -

A delicious fragrant curry bursting with flavours of cardamom, cinnamon and clove. Quick and easy to make on the BBQ or hob.

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chutney, curry, mango, sri lankan -

This Mango Chutney has a spicy finish and uses our new Sri Lankan Curry Powder as the aromatic part for a complex flavour-bomb of sunny goodness! 

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curry powder, eggs, lamb, runny eggs, sri lankan -

These oh so tasty more-ish treats are brought to you by one of our Super Fans Jack, who has been part of the A&O journey for a long time! 

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