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We all love a burger now and then. How do you make it even better? Add some filthy bacon mayo to the top!  We're not clowning 🤡 around with this Whopp-ingly big and tasty double stacker 🍔 In fact our buns were so loaded with meat, cheese and mayo - we forgot to leave room for the salad 😉

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One of my favourite BBQ snacks is boneless thighs wrapped in bacon. On this occasion seasoned with Sweet Bones n Bacon and glazed with Impressive Rooster.

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Prep Time: .25 Hours Total Time: .25 Hours Servings: 1 Person(s) Taco's are the food of the gods. It's a fact. These quick and delicious Breakfast Taco's use our Huevos Ranchero's sauce and two of our epic salsa recipes, Smoked Corn and Roja - which you can find here.  Breakfast Tacos - Angus & Oink Ltd

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