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potato, snack, winner winner chicken dinner -

A quick and fun snack ro try out with your potato peels, and also cuts down on waste! In this version we used Winner Winner and made some fabulous chicken flavoured snacks, but you can easily change this out for your favourite rub!   

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Christmas, christmas recipe, potato, potato dauphinoise, ranch -

A delicious alternative to the classic Christmas roastie or a fabulous side to your Festive Gammon? We are absolutely loving the flavours our epic Ranch Seasoning is bringing to these Potato Dauphinoise (Or Dolphin Noise as our Mrs Oink likes to call them)!

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chicken, drizzle, fried chicken, gravy, honey chilli, hot honey, kfc, potato, wedges -

BEEF DRIPPING!! Fried "KFC" style chicken with Honey Chilli seasoning and JD's Hot Honey drizzle... wow.  

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