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Blackened fish definitely has it's roots in Cajun cooking so it was only right we brought our our fantastic Cajun Seasoning for this recipe! We served the Blackened Salmon on a delicious bowl of cajun rice jam packed with shrimp, and gammon pieces too! 

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Sprinkle a little Cuban 🇨🇺 spices into your cooking with this delicious chicken and rice dish, full of flavours from the Caribbean, Africa and Spain – we’re talking citrus, cumin and smoked paprika with a complex chilli hit. A great combo of spices and seasonings to make your food dance and sing!

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A warming spicy chicken one pot wonder you can cook on the BBQ or hob.

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Here we have another epic use for the Tom Yum seasoning! This one is courtesy of Huntsman Cooks over on Instagram. This dish sounds amazingly simple to make, and the results speak for themselves, this is also a great way to use up any left over meat from the BBQ, here Alex has sliced up some stunning looking Bavette steak, but this would work with any protein! Hold my feet I want to dive head first into this epic bowl of deliciousness!! Firstly, cook up some Jasmine Rice as per pack instructions For the Broth, simply simmer; 800ml chicken stock...

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