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bread, cheese bread, suya -

This is a great recipe for using leftovers and convenient If you buy ready-made pizza dough, let’s get into it. 

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Fabulously Tasty and Deliciously Easy! This is definitely one for a mid week supper!

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african, beef, flatbread, skewers, suya -

Does serving African flavoured beef on Turkish style flatbreads make this fusion?  Who cares, it's tasty and quick to make.  Try it, you'll like it!

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snacks, suya, sweetcorn -

Spice up your sweetcorn with a sprinkle of Suya Seasoning.  These make a finger licking tongue tingling snack or side which will get your diners diving in for more! Simple to make and so tasty.

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beef, suya -

This is rich and spicy stew is the perfect winter warmer and goes great with rice or mash potato.

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