Oink Oink Sandwich

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Oink Oink Sandwich

Prep Time: 0.1 Hours
Total Time: 0.3 Hours
Servings: 1 Person(s)

4 slices of Thick Cut Bacon
1 Crunchy Bread Roll
2 Tomatoes
Handful of parsley
handful of oregano
Black pepper and sea salt for seasoning
1/2 lemon for lemon juice
Heaped tbsp of Pitboss BBQ Sauce
Handful of rocket
Heaped tbsp of Mayo

Acquire some good quality thick cut smoked bacon and grill until nice and crispy crunchy bread roll fresh from the bakery and warm through. Open the roll and apply a generous spread of butter. Chop tomatoes roughly with some fresh herbs (parsley, oregano) and season. Grind black pepper, a sprinkle of flaked sea salt, a squeeze of lemon juice. Wash some rocket or fresh green leaves. Add the crispy bacon to the butter covered warm bread. Pour a good tablespoon of Pitboss on top of the bacon and then cover with the tomatoes and rocket. Apply a spoon of crème fresh or mayonnaise on top of the tomato and put the top of the bun on pressing down firmly.

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