Rob's Jerk Chicken Wings

Rob's Jerk Chicken Wings

Summers approaching the suns out the bbqs is coming out. If you want to add some extra zing to your wing then look no further than these rum infused citrus jerk chicken wings. This is ideal as a starter for 4-6 people.

You will need:

  • Chicken Wings 1kg
  • Angus & Oink Exodust Jerk seasoning (4 TBSP (adjust to taste))
  • A good shot of Rum
  • Honey
  • A whole lime
  • Spring Onions
  • Chili (Scotch Bonnet is best)

Firstly split your wings so that the drums and flats are separate (or not) but I nearly always do.

Place all of the chicken In a large mixing bowl add a "shot" or "glug" of rum and an appropriate amount of exodust jerk seasoning. Leave for at least an hour.

This a recipe that can (but definitely shouldn't) be cooked in an oven. Its so much better cooked indirectly in a very hot BBQ using a quality lumpwood such as the Big K restaurant grade charcoal.

I used a vortex and a weber 57cm kettle BBQ and had it running around 220c Cooking with the lid on.

Whilst your chicken is cooking roll a lime between the palm of your hand and a worktop and give it a slight squish. This will help it give up its juices when you come to squeeze it.

Finely chop your spring onions and scotch bonnet chili. This going to serve as garnish and topper. While your about it cut your lime in half and set aside.

As always with BBQ were cooking to temperature and not time. I cooked my wings to 75c which took around 25-30 minutes and I turned them once.

Transfer the cooked chicken into a clean mixing bowl. At this point I squeeze the juice of half a lime, sometimes another shot of rum and add around 1-2 tbsp of honey depending how rebellious i'm feeling.

Give them a shake to combine and evenly coat everything. Take a moment to appreciate all the aromatics that gently rise up gently kissing your nostrils.

As a final measure I always transfer back onto the BBQ for 5-10 minutes with careful supervision. This is going to help the glaze caramelize up and mellow all of the elements in the glaze but the honey can easily burn.

Remove from the heat and serve on a suitable board, tray or plate and sprinkle your garnish all over the top with care free and abandon.

Something I like to do if cooking for guests is serve with a shot of quality rum each such as the spiced temple rum and for some additional theatre squeeze the remaining lime over the top of the chicken.

Rob Claydon (@locarbecue)

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