Salt & Pepper Chilli King Prawns

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Salt & Pepper Chilli King Prawns

Recreate a favourite Chinese takeout meal in around 20 minutes. Ideal for a weeknight super for a nutritious, wholesome meal.

Or make as a sumptuous side dish for banquet style feasts with friends.






Uncooked King Prawns

1 Generous TBSP

Angus & Oink Chinese takeaway Chili Seasoning


Potato Starch


Beef Dripping (peanut oil if preferred)


Large Onion


Green Pepper


Red Pepper


Shaoxing Rice Wine


Red Chilis


Spring onions


Place uncooked king Prawns into a bowl or suitable dish.

Add a small splash of the rice wine just enough to wet the prawns enough to help the dusting and seasoning stick.

 Add Potato starch and the all-important Chili Spice seasoning.  Combine together & set aside in cool place.

Bring up the oil so that its nearly smoking.

Whilst waiting chop Slice the onions and peppers length ways or to your own preference.

When ready Add the seasoned king prawns to the smoking hot oil. Hear the sizzle and immediately Basque in the aromatics. Fry the prawns until cooked though. Drain off then set aside on kitchen paper.

Drain out the Oil from the wok and wipe out any remaining seasoning then bring back up to temp. Add a small amount of fresh oil.

Add onions, peppers then stir fry. Once the vegetable starts to caramelise you can add a good splash of the Rice wine and cook until it reduces. Towards the end If you love the spice like I do add some more salt and pepper chili seasoning .

Stir in the Cooked prawns and then transfer to a serving dish, garnish with freshly chopped spring onion and diagonally sliced fresh red chili.


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